There is no cookie cutter approach to business...

Especially when you are a female solopreneur.

I love helping female solopreneurs sit still long enough, breathe into the silence of doing nothing, and open their ears so they can truly listen to themselves.

Having someone to support and guide you in business so you can dig deep into the reasons that hold you back can be invaluable.

It can also help you to propel your business forward if you have the right mindset. Are you ready to sit still?

Then why not join me on the 13th April for my 1st Webinar for 2022.

Awesome Future You "From Floundering to Flourishing in 4 Easy Ways. Register Here

About this event:

Which is scarier?

Staying on the true and tried path you have been following your whole life or taking the leap and uncovering who you are, what you want and what you really have to offer.

It may feel like you are going nowhere being pulled in different directions and feel like you are drowning with all the information and advice you are receiving.

Do you wake up most days not knowing which way to go next with your business?

Are you looking for solutions that you trust will deliver some results? You invest in courses and programs and then do nothing about it at all? The trouble is that most of these courses and programs do not consider you and your business, they only want to sell the “next best” thing.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are the solutions they are selling the ones that helped them to build and grow their business?

Or are the solutions they are selling the things that make them money now?

So many of my clients worry about the next best thing, learning social media, podcasting, YouTube, writing a book etc.

When the work they really need to do on their business is about them.

Whether you are new to business or already established spending 60 mins with me will help you to gain back control so you can go from floundering to flourishing.

x Kathie

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P.S. If you cannot make it register and I will forward the re-run within 3 days.