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We can do this!

I love what I do and I care about making a difference.

I have been helping business owners just like you for over 22 years.

I started my first business at the age of 27 successfully growing it and

another 2. 

I know what it takes. 

x Kathie



With 10 years in retail and 15 years running small and medium sized businesses I have developed critical business building skills such as: strategic planning, business planning and development, event management, project management, training and assessment, grant writing, reporting and acquittals, database management, business management, business and community economic development, research, marketing and promotion, website development, social media, financial budgeting and management, board governance and to top this all off I love writing policy and procedures.

Highly Skilled


Stakeholder Engagement | Economic Development | Project Manager | Marketing and Promotions | General Manager | Strategic Report Writing | Marketing Research | Feasibility Studies | Business Plans | Operational Plans | Financial Plans | Training and Assessment Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis | Relationship Development Not for Profit Sector Management | Event Management

Systems and Policy Development | Customer Experience Systems Tribe Builder | Grant Writing 


NSW Business Chamber - Chamber of the Year 2014

NSW Tourism Award - Deni Ute Muster 2013

NSW State Medal - 2007 Wallsend Floods.

The City of Newcastle Commendation Award - Support of the Disabled

Access Incentive Scheme - 2006

Regional Achievement  and Community Awards - Certificate of Achievement Business Enterprise Awards 2005

Pride in Achievement Award - Rotary Club Newcastle Enterprise - 2005 

Mentor Diagnostics for Growth Program - BEC Hunter 2002

Mentor - Hunter Women in Business Mentor Program - 2001-2005


2012 - 2013
​Advanced Diploma of Management

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Certificate of Sustainable Event Management

​12 months of study graduated with a credit average

 Masters in Business Administration.

My Story

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For 23 years I ran several successful businesses with turnovers up to 3 million dollars.

Whilst I was successful in business, it took a toll on me personally.

I was a chronic people-pleaser, placing everyone else's needs first, a peacemaker,

showing up for everyone, constantly worrying about what other people thought.

Every day I worked to please others and make money.

I lost my purpose and lacked desire. 


In 2013 I experienced serious burnout which led me to make a huge change.

I randomly applied for a job online and much to my surprise was successful which meant moving 9 hours away, leaving everything.


 Between 2013 and 2018 I reclaimed my health lost 30 kilos, completed a Masters Degree, renovated 2 houses, successfully grew the organisations I worked for,

became a Yoga teacher, read books, listened to podcasts and devoured everything

to renew my purpose and gain back the burning desire to help others in again. 


In late 2018 with a firm belief in myself and a clear focus on my future self goals,

 I wrote a business plan and with zero clients, left my job and launched back into the world of being a solo entrepreneur.  

I started my business 6 months prior to the pandemic that changed the world.

During this time I grew my business from 0 to 6 figures and it continues to grow. 

In hindsight, my breakdown was a breakthrough.