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I love what I do, and I care about making a difference.

My passion is business, with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs and business owners

how to live a life they love by building a business that works for them. 

Over the past 15 years, I have hosted over 50 webinars,

spoken at over 100 events sharing over 25 years of business knowledge, tips, and tools.

I am committed to bringing to your event, either in person or via webinar, energy, empathy,

great takeaways, and practical tools for immediate use.


I have 20+ topics that I can speak on or tailor-make a presentation to suit you.

I will work with you towards your success. Say hello today. 

Kathie Heyman Business Coach

I just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous webinar. It was incredibly helpful with relevant information that was well designed and easy to understand in practical terms and what steps to take forward.

Connie Wood

"Thanks so much for the webinar with Kathie Heyman, it was excellent. 

We found it very informative and can’t wait to apply all the information to our applications."

Christina and Paulina

Kathie clearly has detailed knowledge and very relevant experience. 

She also completed all follow up actions promised and has stayed in touch.  The templates Kathie provided have been very helpful and her advice very useful.  Thank you for this fabulous webinar.

Diana Ferry

Well done!

"The presenter was fantastic, knows her topic and has the best methods of simply getting answers, encouragement and support to those attending. Not only that, her way of dealing with questions and comments on chat is the best I have seen yet. Smooth and connected. Also, to have the information available for future reference is absolutely great."

Wendy Arentz