Team effort for this small business family

Women are well-tested when it comes to demonstrating how great they are at multi-tasking, but Tania Panameno’s juggling act is next level.

Not only is the Sydney mother working towards running her own small business, but she is also managing her husband’s, and has a day job working in her specialised field while training to improve her qualifications. Oh, and English is her second language, which she speaks fluently.

Now we have that established, here’s little bit more about Tania and her husband Roberto.

The couple were born and raised in El Salvador, before living in Australia and the United States and have spent their lives working hard while raising their family.

While Roberto is trained electrician, his trade qualifications weren’t recognised here, so keen to be his own boss, he moved into handyman services for seniors, NDIS clients and strata managed complexes as well as grounds upkeep. He enjoyed the outdoor work of lawn and garden maintenance so has made that the main aspect of his business.

Tania oversees the administrative, financial and marketing side of Roberto’s small business RM Property Maintenance Services.

Her day job is with the community service sector specialising in working with people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities which is where her new small business Joyful Connections enters the picture.

Tania is in the process of setting up her own practice which offers a range of services including therapy assistance, counselling, cleaning and employment support certified under the NDIS.

To compliment these services, Tania is hoping to bring RM Maintenance into that space by offering her clients both personal and practical packages that help to empower and support their lifestyles.

As you can imagine, wearing all these hats isn’t easy but it’s always helpful to have your own support network, especially when you are navigating your own small business that specialises in supporting others. Which is where Kathie Heyman’s Masterclass came into Tania’s busy life.

While Tania certainly doesn’t lack the passion it takes, setting a new business while juggling all those other roles can curb the momentum required to start seeing tangible traction.

“Kathie is very goal driven and we work well together so it helped to get things moving. I’d say what I wanted to achieve, she’d give me a task, and I’d get the information done by the due date.”

And while having someone like Kathie there for support is great for kicking goals, the pressure is self-managed and realistic for every situation.

“Even if you haven’t done the work set, Kathie says just by showing up means you’re invested in your business. It’s not the same as having a meeting with your manager when you can have anxiety about achieving things. Kathie’s more encouraging, she’s there to support you when you feel stuck. She gives you the flexibility of saying I couldn’t get it done this time.”

She said the choice of either doing it yourself or together was a great thing.

“Kathie really listens to what you need help with and then it’s just okay, let’s do that now. Put in your job planner, get it done and out of your hair, and then move on from there.”

Tania said Kathie was in the process of helping her to get her Joyful Connections website up and running which will link to her husband’s services which will be complimentary but still operate independently of one another.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without Kathie. Roberto just wants to go and do the work and I’d say to him, Kathie say this, Kathie says that…,” she laughed. “He’s slowly getting it.”

“My husband wasn’t giving value to his work and now he is. We both are. We still have ongoing work to do but we are both in a better place than we were before we started working with Kathie.”

To find out more about RM Property Maintenance Services visit: www.rmpropertymaintenanceservices.com.au