Taking your Webinars from Good to Great

Are you finding it hard to face the fear of sharing what you master in business via webinar?

Is this fear stopping you from becoming the best you and your business could be?

Then it's time to make an appointment with yourself today and join me Wed 9th June at 10 am to get started today on Taking Your Webinars from Good to Great!


Before COVID 19 I had never in my wildest dreams considered doing a webinar. Sitting alone in front of my computer talking to an audience I could not see was just a little bit too scary for me.

I had presented to large (500) and small audiences for over 20 years standing on a stage to speak did not phase me.

Fast track today and as they say "necessity is the mother of invention" I have successfully hosted over 60 webinars with over 1000 people in attendance.

If I could remove fear and self doubt you can too.

Read below what some people say.

✨ Thank you so much for the webinar yesterday on the 7 Business Foundations. That was REALLY good! ~ Stina

✨Thanks again for yesterday’s webinar.

I took pages of notes and have been expanding on these since!

~ Melanie

✨ Thank you so much for the session today, I learned so much!

I sincerely appreciate the passion you brought to the discussion

(and I always use my hands when I get excited talking about things too 🙂). ~ Kate

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About the Author:

Kathie Heyman is a soloprenuer who teached entrepreneurs how to unlock their potential so they can propel their business forward. She is a business mentor, online course creator and generously handicapped master sprinter who lives for escapes to breath in deeply the salty sea.