Over the past few weeks I have caught the Procrastination Bug.

It was not a nasty bite, but it had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop, not knowing which candy to choose and when I made a choice, not happy, so off to find a better candy again. This type of procrastination has a name. It's better known as "shiny object syndrome" Shiny object syndrome is when people focus undue attention on an idea that is new and trendy yet drop this as soon as something new takes place. Some of the things I have been experiencing are:

  • My list of online course ideas gets in the way of the two I have already committed to.

  • I have collected the "perfect" app and tools to use more efficiently.

  • My mornings getting myself ready for work are getting longer.

Has the procrastination bug bitten you lately? I made the call on myself yesterday to take my own medicine and heal the bite and kick-started my 90-Day Productivity Plan. Then I thought, why not see like-minded women who get bitten by the procrastination bug and wanted to join me. So, if you are feeling the sting of the bite, then find out more here. Anyone can fall victim to "shiny object syndrome". Unfortunately, we have all been guilty of it at some stage. Here are some ways to stay focused: 1) Understanding that having everything new does not mean it is better. Sure keep uptodate with new trends and updates; however, every new tool or idea does not mean you have to have or follow it. 2) Learn to see past the hype. There is always something new, so take a bit deep and, before diving in, see if it matches your goals. 3) Ask yourself these 3 things - is it what I really need, will it add value to my work and/or life, and what are the pros and cons. 4) Adopt a wait-and-see approach. If you are unsure, wait. 5) See the difference between shiny objects and real opportunities. Do things you will commit to and get a real impact. I am ready to regain my focus mojo and make a real change over the next 90 days.

What about you? x Kathie