How to Achieve your Business Goals

Learn the 'who before how' strategy and unlock potential that you never know existed and smash your business goals

Building a business is not linear. You set a goal with great expectations, excitement, and your motivation is high.Then, results don't happen fast enough or even at all. Motivation falls and with it, your actions and your business stagnates.

What if you could show up, do the work until you DO get results.

It is possible.

All that is between you and your result is YOU. Your mind. Your action. Your results.

Join Prue Sulicich, founder of Head Coach who will teach you the 'who before how' strategy and unlock potential that you never know existed.

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About your presenter, Prue Sulicich:

Prue Sulicich is the founder of Head Coach, a mindset and identity coaching business, supporting women to find their true identities by firstly ending the battle with dieting and weight loss. Prue is a serial entrepreneur with many successful businesses under her belt and tells everyone she is a "recovering nervous person" passionate about empowering women to step into being themselves everyday; nervous, overweight, exhausted, and all.

About the Author:

Kathie Heyman is a soloprenuer who teached entrepreneurs how to unlock their potential so they can propel their business forward. She is a business mentor, online course creator and generously handicapped master sprinter who lives for escapes to breath in deeply the salty sea.