External obstacles are no match for my inner strength.

I have the confidence and creativity to find solutions and I act no matter what challenges may seek to block my path.

My handy tools - affirmations, positive self-talk, and meditation - are like weapons that help me defeat any obstacle.

I use affirmations to help me build effective habits and attitudes.

Good habits make good choices easy and automatic. Confidence and an optimistic attitude can get me through just about anything.

Using positive self-talk throughout my day boosts my confidence.

Whenever I do something well, I congratulate myself. When I reach even the smallest goal, I celebrate my accomplishment. When I make a mistake, I remind myself that I am human and seek to learn from it and move on, unaffected by the delay.

When I come upon an obstacle, I ask myself how this challenge can help me.

When I find a way to continue toward my goal, my positive self-talk encourages me to take decisive action.

Meditation helps me build my inner strength

It instils in me an unstoppable motivation to attain the life I desire. I envision myself living my dreams. In these dreams, I also feel the pride of accomplishment that comes only from overcoming challenges.

Overcoming challenges creates a cycle of strength.

Seizing a victory over my obstacles makes me even stronger and builds even greater confidence that I can defeat the next one.

Today, I choose to meet my challenges head-on with confidence, creativity, and the can-do attitude that keeps me moving forward. What about you?


About the Author:

Kathie Heyman is a solopreneur who teaches entrepreneurs how to unlock their potential so they can propel their businesses forward. She is a business mentor, online course creator and generously handicapped master sprinter who lives for escapes to breathe deeply in the salty sea.