Are you suffering from time inconsistency?

What are you really dealing with?

The science behind procrastination tells us that we humans have been procrastinating for centuries. It is so timeless that Greek philosophers developed a word to describe the behaviour calling it "Akrasia". Better known as acting against your better judgement or when you do one thing but know that you should be doing something else.

To be blunt, procrastination is a lack of self-control. I'm guilty of this, what about you?

So why do we procrastinate?

Science again tells us that this has to do with "time inconsistency", which refers to the tendency to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards.

This can be explained by imagining that you have two selves your future self and your present self. Therefore, when looking at future goals and plans for yourself, you envision yourself in the future. Research states that this is easy for your brain as it sees long-term benefits in these actions.

Unfortunately, this is where your present self gets in the way. The present self is like a cheeky younger version of yourself, craving instant gratification, not the long-term goals you should strive for. Your future self and present self compete against each other all the time. It is up to you which one will eventually win.

Check-in with yourself today.

Are you nurturing and caring for your future self or giving in and deep diving into the present and instant gratification?

x Kathie

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