8% of People set Goals and Never Pursue Them.


Do you struggle when it comes to setting goals and achieving them?

Well you are not alone 92% of people who set goals basically just give up.

The 8% go from goal setter to goal getter.

So how do you become a goal getter?

  1. Have a vision - visualise what the future will look like - create a space in your mind where you can see it and feel it.

  2. Commitment - be aware of what you are doing on a daily basis and choose actions that will point you in the direction of achieving your goals.

  3. Do not wait - flip the switch and say I am doing this!

  4. Tell a friend or find a mentor and become accountable to them and yourself.

Remember achieving your goals is 99% grit and 1% talent Try these techniques, stay confident and keep moving forward no matter what.

x K