4 Ways to Kick Obstacles in the Butt

Some days or even weeks can get blocked by what we feel are never-ending obstacles. Especially if you are in a spiral of negative thinking, lack confidence in the tasks you know you need to achieve, and constantly feel pulled out of your comfort zone.

So there are 4 ways to kick those obstacles in the butt and get rocking and rolling forward again. ▶️ When you feel like quitting - dig in deep and time yourself for 15 minutes to keep going. You might find that you stay in the flow and are not so pessimistic about the task. ▶️ Have 60-second challenging conversations. You might be surprised at how you thought the conversation was not that challenging at all. ▶️ Commit with yourself to stop engaging in time-wasting tasks that might make you feel better but do not bring any tangible outcomes to your day. ▶️ Try Value Stacking - if you dislike doing something about the task, do something you love to do at the same time. [Mine is listening to music and sipping a hot cup of tea} I hope the 4 tips help you break through any obstacles - remember to practice these daily and dare yourself to push through and give yourself a Hi-Five or a treat for sticking it out.

x Kathie