20 Reasons Mentoring Might be the Missing Link for Your Business.

Mentoring maybe the missing link that you need for your business growth and ultimately its survival.

Research states that 70% of business owners who received mentoring survived past the first five years in their business and continued to flourish.

Here are 20 reasons why mentoring might be waht you and your business needs.

1. Change the way you see yourself. 2. Show you what is possible. 3. Help you to avoid costly business mistakes. 4. Work with you to improve operational performance. 5. Give you a different perspective. 6. Ask questions and offer advice. 7. Improve your key skills. 8. Let you vent with someone you can trust. 9. Teach you new methods and strategies. 10. Give you the confidence to make better decisions 11. Give you a gentle nudge. 12. Give you a big push and be there for you when its hard. 13. Be a great sounding board. 14. Be the catalyst for new ideas. 15. Help you to overcome obstacles. 16. Support you when times get tough. 17. Let you be heard. 18. Show you, you are being seen. 19. Celebrate with you your successes. 20. Opens the doors to new networks and opportunities. x Kathie