Kathie Heyman Business Coach



With 10 years in retail and 15 years running small and medium sized businesses I have

developed critical business building skills such as: strategic planning, business planning
and development, event management, project management, training and assessment, grant writing,
reporting and acquittals, database management, business management, business and community economic development, research, marketing and promotion, website development, social media, financial budgeting and management, board governance and to top this all off I love writing policy and procedures.



Stakeholder Engagement | Economic Development | Project Manager | Marketing and Promotions |
General Manager | Strategic Report Writing | Marketing Research | Feasibility Studies | Business Plans |
Operational Plans | Financial Plans | Training and Assessment | Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis |
Relationship Development | Not for Profit Sector Management | Event Management
| Systems and Policy Development | Customer Experience Systems | Tribe Builder | Grant Writing 

Kathie Heyman Business Coach



1984 - 1990

I left school in year 10 and worked hard for 10-years within the retail sector as a trainee.

I worked my way up the ladder, which as a young, energetic female 30 years ago was not an easy task.

At the age 24 I became a senior manager of a Big W department store.

1990 - 2000

 In the early 1990's [along with family members] I started from scratch a regional franchise business, which distributed home improvement products throughout NSW northern region. Within 2 years the business went from start-up to a turnover of $800,000 [this was pre internet, when"direct marketing" was all the rage). After 9 years [buying out partners] I merged the business with two other franchises to become a multi million dollar turnover distribution businesses, holding the position of General Manager. After 2 years I sold my shares to move closer to family and venture into the world of business consulting.

2000 - 2013

For 13 years I worked as a successful business consultant helping business and not for profit organisations to plan, market and grow in sectors such as; franchising, small business, retail, tourism, regional development, economic development, professional services, hospitality, food, child care and out of home care services, construction, defence and the not for profit sector. I became a specialist in

economic development and tourism working with numerous chambers, main-street

organisations and business associations developing and implementing business and marketing plans. 

Working with community groups also lead me to event manage a number of large outdoor events attracting up to 40,000 people. ​Additional to a busy consulting business I assisted to grow and eventually became a part owner in a turnkey licence business that had the sole Australian rights for American shaved ice flavourings

and also started and grew a swimming pool and spa service business which ran for 10 years. 

2013- 2019

Looking for a new adventure I was privileged in 2013 to be selected as the General Manager of the largest 2 day event in regional Australia - Deni Ute Muster. The 2013 event at that time was the most successful on record, averaging 22,000 people attending each day. Ticket sales increased by 50% from the previous two years. 

With my team I developed an integrated marketing strategy involving social media, electronic direct media and traditional advertising that resulted in the record sales for the event.

The strategy attracted 17,000 new Facebook likes, increased new members to the website

by 50%, increased hits to the website by 120,000 and attracted 75% newcomers to the event.

During this time I also implemented with the grounds team new infrastructure programs which included installation of new amenities, lighting, roadworks and signage. Engagement with key stakeholders included

WHS induction with over 800 volunteers leading up to and over the event. Festival patrons and stakeholders ranked the event as high in regard to it being an excellent and positively memorable experience. As General Manager, I managed six staff, retail operations, ticketing operations and the festival site. I also managed all contractor costings, needs and obligations including high end artist contracts liaising with the entertainment provider to ensure the entertainment delivered results for patrons. 


In early 2014  I left the organisation and within 4 weeks was successfully selected as the General Manager of the largest regional Chamber in NSW. During this time alongside my team I successfully grew the organisation into an award winning, progressive, innovative and forward-thinking member-focused organisation. I assisted board members with the successful merger of the marketing and promotions arm of the cities CBD.

During my time as General Manager member satisfaction grew from 65% to 86%, contributing to an environment that members described as friendly, proactive and welcoming. I lead a team of five highly engaged and motivated employees who ran over 80 membership events a year, engaged with over 420 members and successfully acted as the business development arm of the economic development department of Council.  

I successfully collaborated with key stakeholders in the region always working in the best interests of members and the Chamber; to increase economic development and tourism in the region. During my time as

General Manager my advice and support was sought after by members and key stakeholders. 

2019- NOW

After spending some time overseas early in 2019 I reset my personal goals and decided to return
to the world of freelancing. I loved my job, my team and the members, but the freedom to work anywhere,

anytime and with anyone who was like-minded was my true passion. 

I now run a successful six figure consultancy teaching and coaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to clarify their personal goals, map out a clear business plan and discover new ideas and solutions that will sell their products, services and ideas.

I also work with businesses, organisations and community groups to develop strategy and business plans

and I also write grants and tenders.