Kathie Heyman Business Coach



Prior to the age of 45 I learned from the school of life.

I left school in year 10 to pursue a career in retail.

(not really but it sounds better than to get a job, buy a car and leave home)  

Business books and seminars where my education whilst growing my businesses.

At the age of 45 I felt a need to attain some qualifications, I completed a 6 month

Open Foundation Program at Newcastle University studying
Law and Social Inquiry. It would have been great to leave work and complete full time university,

but with a business to run and children to care I opted for other shorter forms of education. 

2012 - 2013
​Advanced Diploma of Management

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

 Certificate of Sustainable Event Management

​12 months of study graduated with a credit average

 Masters in Business Administration.

I am a life long learner.